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Will your business be affected by upcoming payer changes?
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Claim Manager 4 includes all of these features:

  • Process ANY type of professional 1500 or institutional UB claim to ANY payer that accepts HIPAA compliant ANSI 837 formats
  • Direct to the insurance company or clearinghouse of your choice
  • Simple ways to remove claims with errors or warnings from batches before sending
  • Includes 835 ERA remittance auto-posting
  • Easy installation and configuration process with the new Set-up Wizards
  • More powerful HIPAA ANSI file validation edits
  • Automatically maintains complete history of all actions taken on a claim
  • Easy to View, Print, Export, or E-mail many reports
  • Runs directly from Medisoft or Lytec with seamless integration
  • Advanced editors to quickly configure Providers, Referring Providers, PINs, Insurances, Receivers, and Practice information in Medisoft and Lytec.
  • Smart Screens to enhance your Medisoft & Lytec capabilities (UB-04 General Purpose, UB-04 Rehab, ESRD/Dialysis, DME with CMN’s, Rural Health, Ambulance, Medicaid Special Programs and much more)
  • Claims Check Subscription (optional) includes:
    • Built-in scrubber (Medicare Policy Edits, CCI Edits, CPT and Dx Codes, Global Periods, Common Edits)
    • Create your own customized edits
    • MasterCode (Updated Procedure & Diagnosis Codes)
    • Reference links for Medicare Medical Policy Edits
    • 30-day free trial period activated during installation of Claim Manager 4
  • Includes Eligibility 270/271
  • Includes Claim Status 276/277
  • Compatible with Medisoft 11, 12, 14, 15 & Lytec 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
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